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Helene is a 28 m² big and flooded with light double room on our first floor. It takes place in the former main condor of the ancient shipping company F. H. Bertling. Then captains were only allowed to enter after they had washed their hands. A relict from that time is the historical „captains-sink“ which you can still admire in the corridor.

Besides that serve the former sliding doors of the Bertling filing cabinets as the headpiece of the COCO-MAT beds nowadays. Mentioned beds can of course also be converted into two single-use-beds.

Helene has a bathroom with a generous walk-in-shower. As refined detail and hint to the to this day internationally successful shipping company were real sea containers installed in all our rooms’ bathrooms.

  • COCO-MAT Twin-Bed (1,80 x 2,00 m)

  • WiFi

  • safe

  • Samsung UHD TV

  • generous walk-in-shower

  • care articles in the bathroom

  • blowdryer

  • breakfast inc.

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