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A house full of history

Hotel Die Reederin Lübeck

Our hotel is the Große Altefähre is telling a long story reaching back to its groundbreaking in 1790. It was built during politicly troubling times not long after the ending of the seven year war and shortly before the occupation of Lübeck by Napoleon and it has been standing for over two centuries.

In 1868 the company F. H. Bertling moved in - a carrier and shipping company which enjoys a worldwide reputation to this day. From 1868 to 2016 the building was owned by the shipping company, whereby the headquarter had already moved to Hamburg in 2008.

It is worth to mention that the former Chancellor of Germany, Willy Brandt, who was born in Lübeck made his traineeship in 1932/1933 at the F. H. Bertling. According to the storied many Bertling employees have a special connection and emotionally attachment to the building and like to think back to the times they were working there.

All the turbulence of the history of Lübeck, as well as two world wars could never harm the house and its wonderful backstory. Because of this it fills us with joy to be able to continue the chronicle of this house with our hotel - The Reederin.

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